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Poem: ‘Remembering’ … 28,000 days of stories

“We are promised 28,000 days of stories; Our books are closing shut on them. Hurry! We thumb our fingers through the pages. Strain to highlight the parts forgotten. We turn down the corners and still we forget.” Check out the full poem here – “Remembering” 78.8 years or 28,762 days*

Oprah & My Garbage

“Nothing that has ever happened to you is wasted” says my aunt Oprah to me Check out the full poem here – “Oprah & My Garbage” Oooh Cliffhanger!  Is she really my aunt :-)  I wrote this poem as part of a Documentary Poetics class exercise where we had to

Biscuit Making Hands

Their beauty now erupts in the sweet folds of unfamiliar lines Check out the full poem here – “To the Woman With Hands Made for Biscuit Making” This poem grew out of a writing exercise that I was doing one day where I was using my grandmother as my muse :-).  I remember

The Inevitable ‘But’

“I felt your carefully chosen words fall in fluttered shapes around me” Check out the full poem here – “The Inevitable But” OK, it is said that women speak about 3 times per day than men in words averaging around 20,000 words for women and about 7,000 for men.  That

” For my grandfather” – In a crowded train to you

I can close my eyes and still feel the warm hugs of last year’s Summer; taste the ocean’s salt on my tongue. Check out the full poem here – “In A Crowded Train to You”  I grew up only tangentially knowing my maternal grandfather.  He was an alcoholic and not in

Breaking into Dawn

Too many months have gone by since my last post but, I have been journaling and forming phrases into poems :-) when I’ve had a chance.  I’ve recently completed a docu-journalism class and my final project was named ‘Breaking into Dawn’ – collective piece on bringing awareness to mental health


I wrote this poem some years ago and dug it back from the archives and updated it in late Fall 2013 as I was starting back to journal and write.  I won’t go into too many details again :-) as this is a personal poem — which is my struggle

Here … the truth starts

I started writing this poem a few months ago and just finished on last night.  Well, I wouldn’t say exactly finished as I still think the story is not yet complete but, I wanted to share it in the interim.  I won’t give too much away (as I would like

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