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Like a Syrupy Sweet? …

It’s never too late for Sugar– right?  Took me much longer than what I wanted but in between life and trying to stretch the limits of WordPress capabilities (aargh!) and compromising in the end, I finished my “Dreams Deferred” Portfolio Page about month or so ago.  Now, it’s only my

“I,too” have a story …

I, too, sing America. – Langston Hughes In between fraction lessons  a la orange and apple slices and memorizing the 46 counties of our state in our own singsongy 3rd grade manner – “Abbeville, Aiken, Al – len- dale, Anderson, Bamberg, Barn – well, Beaufort …, ” the first poem I remember

image slider – “My House, Your House” Project

image slider – “With Every Mile” Project

image slider – “With Every Mile” Project

Poem: Flight Home

When the casket rolls out onto the tarmac, the men in their yellow vests come to ceremoniously greet you; some with their reflective lights still in hand and voices still blaring in their ear pieces. Check out the full poem here – “Flight Home” As Seen at RDU International Airport

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