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Poem: ‘Remembering’ … 28,000 days of stories

“We are promised 28,000 days of stories; Our books are closing shut on them. Hurry! We thumb our fingers through the pages. Strain to highlight the parts forgotten. We turn down the corners and still we forget.” Check out the full poem here – “Remembering” 78.8 years or 28,762 days*

“Breaking into Dawn” – Collection of Photos & Poems on Mental Health

Check out my short documentary project below on Mental Health in the US – ‘Breaking into Dawn’.  The project requirements were 7 or less photos [though I went over :-)], contextual writing [I chose creative-poetry], inclusion of archival information and there was no restriction to either collected or personal photos.  I

Breaking into Dawn

Too many months have gone by since my last post but, I have been journaling and forming phrases into poems :-) when I’ve had a chance.  I’ve recently completed a docu-journalism class and my final project was named ‘Breaking into Dawn’ – collective piece on bringing awareness to mental health

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