With Every Mile

Project Statement:

Two lovers on their way home from a day of errands, a bus driver clocking off from a long shift at work helping to put his son through college, a rider waiting for the two-hour route he needs to get him to his 3rd shift job– these are just a few of the thousands of stories traveling each day along our highways and streets to intersect here at the GoRaleigh Station (formerly known as Moore Square Transit Mall). At the heart of this transit system are the people it serves daily and the community at-large that relies on the success of it.

Since opening in 1988, this downtown Raleigh transit hub has nearly gone unchanged despite the shift in the city’s landscape and needs of the growing Triangle cities around it. GoRaleigh station welcomes more than 34,000 riders weekly and 22 of the city’s 27 bus routes run through its door daily!

With Every Mile” project sets out to bring to life the character and the stories of the people at the center of this transit system; many whose livelihood and core welfare depend on it. This project serves to show the humanity and underscores the growing need for change at the formerly Moore Square Transit Mall and within the overall Triangle Transit System.

Since starting the “With Every Mile” project in 2015, the city with over $9.5 million in funding has completed Phase I and started Phase II of the station’s needed renovations and will expand overall improvements with the recent passing of the 2016 Wake County Transit Referendum. Both should prove to address many of the riders and workers concerns.

If projections have their way, Raleigh and its surrounding areas will continue to see a massive growth in population and the widening of its boundaries outwards pass suburbia. There is no shortage of issues that will come along with this growth and the city’s transit system will certainly not be immune to them. The question will remain on how well we, as a city, will continue to step up to the responsibility needed of all of us.


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