Curated – Breaking into Dawn

Check out my short documentary project below on Mental Health in the US.  The project requirements were 7 or less photos [though I went over :-)], contextual writing [I chose creative-poetry], inclusion of archival information and there was no restriction to either collected or personal photos.  I chose mostly curated photos due to time but, my plans are to work with a local mental health non-profit to extend this project in the coming months for broader local awareness.  Stay tuned in this most important space.

Breaking into Dawn’ is a collective piece of photography and writings on our cultural views of mental health issues and the impacts.  It dives into the process of awakening into awareness for both our culture and individuals living with this disease. ‘Breaking into Dawn’ highlights this process through the voice and photography of individuals living with mental illnesses.

 It was not until I was a Junior in college that I was confronted squaringly with my own negative views as my classmate, friend and someone who’d I studied and work alongside for many semesters suffered a breakdown in front of our eyes.  This moment opened my eyes and helped me realize that no illness one face.  We must recognize this complexity.  Today, when I see the distant stranger on the corner and hopefully through new eyes, I sometimes remember my friend and shrug down any negative thoughts.

The titled poem, Breaking into Dawn’ is about my personal experience. 

Project Gallery

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