Under the indigo blues and orange-burnt skies,
and as fast as my heart could beat,
you came and filled all corners of my mind.
Allowing no space for mundane thoughts.
Before you and this moment,
what existed there?

Connections unfold easily and intimately.
Lure me closer to the fiery heat inside me.
Together both send me carefully crashing into you.
Slowly unmasking each vulnerable piece of me,
until these two can exist without consequence.

Fear keeps us at a hummingbird standstill,
as our hearts passionately whirl around us.
Softly moving us forward,
towards surrender and into the known.
Perfect complicated war of emotions.
Invoked by each indelible moment shared.

Each moment strung together infinitely.
Woven tighter than the last.
Yielding just enough to not give the outcome away.

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