My journey

Blog 10 secs elevator pitch: This blog is a complete (well maybe some) fusion of all that I love and intrigue me — mostly will be in poetry, photography and design but, may spill into other ramblings as I desire and have time for :-).   Also, I will focus on short documentary projects (either with collective photos or my own) that combine photography with creative writings and others.

“My life is a true story!”  I have to stop and think about that sometimes.  The life I live each day is my one and only true life.  Strange to think it but, I do sometimes take this for granted.  My goal is to live each day purposefully.  I may not fully meet this 100% but, in the end if I reach for it, I’ll land somewhere comfortably in the middle of reasonableness :-).

The black and white photo was my first ever self-portrait and it was at30 years.  I took this as part of a project I was doing for a photography class at the time.  Years later my goal to use my creative arts for the service of God and the world is still a passion that is burning in my heart.   Thus, I have set out on a vision to not look backwards but, forwards and just keep making progress and not let one more day slip where I’m not actively working on this.

I don’t have all the answers and know the end results but, I know each day I will just work.  After telling one of my coworkers about my vision and uncertainty of how my life will unfold, he gave me a quote that just stuck with me.  Let all the flowers bloom!  This is my journey.

Essentially, keep drawing on passions where they are and your path will be revealed when it’s ready.  Now, I’ve looked that quote up because I loved it so much and it has some interesting background but, despite that I still love it and am using it since I heard it :-)

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