“Here I am where I  ought to be” – Louise Erdrich

… and so that’s how 2017 went.

Hello world, I’m writing to you from the year 2018, Day 2.  Can you believe it?  2017 has come and gone!  Like most of us, I started the year with many, many, many personal and professional goals that I wanted to set out and conquer before ugh let’s say Day

Like a Syrupy Sweet? …

It’s never too late for Sugar– right?  Took me much longer than what I wanted but in between life and trying to stretch the limits of WordPress capabilities (aargh!) and compromising in the end, I finished my “Dreams Deferred” Portfolio Page about month or so ago.  Now, it’s only my

“I,too” have a story …

I, too, sing America. – Langston Hughes In between fraction lessons  a la orange and apple slices and memorizing the 46 counties of our state in our own singsongy 3rd grade manner – “Abbeville, Aiken, Al – len- dale, Anderson, Bamberg, Barn – well, Beaufort …, ” the first poem I remember

‘Truth To Power 4’ Exhibit – ends August 7, 2016

 Images from ‘Truth to Power’ 4 Exhibit Opening Reception, July 15, 2016 | taken by Veronique Moses   Late to post here but, wonderful news that one of my pieces, ‘Ruth’ was selected as part of Pleiades Art Gallery’s 4th Annual ‘Truth to Power’ Juried Exhibit (Durham, NC).  ‘Ruth’ is

Poem: ‘Remembering’ … 28,000 days of stories

“We are promised 28,000 days of stories; Our books are closing shut on them. Hurry! We thumb our fingers through the pages. Strain to highlight the parts forgotten. We turn down the corners and still we forget.” Check out the full poem here – “Remembering” 78.8 years or 28,762 days*

#StreetCred & Site Shenanigans

OK so what have I’ve been up to since my last complete blog post which seems like light years away now … well, exactly 134 days to be exact!  completely redesigned site which has (photography+writing) focus and documentary projects-based layout. will to continue to use blog as complimentary to site. You should notice some significant changes from before … still

image slider – “My House, Your House” Project

image slider – “With Every Mile” Project

image slider – “With Every Mile” Project

Poem: Flight Home

When the casket rolls out onto the tarmac, the men in their yellow vests come to ceremoniously greet you; some with their reflective lights still in hand and voices still blaring in their ear pieces. Check out the full poem here – “Flight Home” As Seen at RDU International Airport

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