… and so that’s how 2017 went.

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Hello world,
I’m writing to you from the year 2018, Day 2.  Can you believe it?  2017 has come and gone!  Like most of us, I started the year with many, many, many personal and professional goals that I wanted to set out and conquer before ugh let’s say Day 2 of 2018 none the least :-).

I don’t particularly believe in resolutions but I would say that I’ve always been a goal-oriented person writing down and displaying my goals around my house so I can torture (oh I meant to say ‘see’ them) each day.  Also, I attach short-term actions to each goal to move me forward.  The hope is that my whiteboard of actions becomes a sea of red, blue, colored strike-out image e.g. I’m getting stuff done.

So how did it go?  Let’s start with the things that ‘did’ get done this year …

  • First-ever solo exhibit –  “With Every Mile” juried selected as part  of the Durham Art Guild (DAG) and Triangle Community Foundation (TCF) Artist in Residence Program.
  • First ever collaborative exhibit w/ co-Artist Ariyah Chambers) – ‘Dreams Deferred‘ juried selected as part of Visual Art Exchange (VAE) Gallery – The Lab with sponsorship from RedHat.
  • Ruth‘ signature portrait of a project I’m working on around senior citizens was juried selected in another Group Exhibit – Ciel Gallery’s ‘I Spy’ Group Show.

Check out few images of the 2017 exhibit programming – some install day, some exhibit opening, some artist talks.  You can see the full exhibit images with project statements on my site.




Gratefully, one of my other passions too took on a new life of its own this year-  promoting and supporting women and underrepresented minorities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields underscoring the ncecessary linkages to ARTs.

As a result of years of service, I was lucky to be invited to speak and share my experiences with women and young adults in some pretty cool spaces.  Check out where …

  • Participated in a Career Design Workshop for women business students at St. Augustine University’s Women’s History Month Event.
  • Spoke at IBM 2017 Women in Technology Conference on “How IBM Watson is Transforming  Women’s Health.”
  • Invited as Panelists for the NC Museum of Natural Science’s “RACE” Exhibit: Back to School STEM Event for Minority Students.”
  • Interviewed by our local News & Observer newspaper on the my STEM experiences (as part of RACE Exhibit).
  • Interviewed by Winthrop University’s alumni magazine (my alum) on my STEM experiences.
  • Invited as Panelist for NC Boys and Girls Club STEM Weekend.
  • Spoke at local church SC Women’s Empowerment Conference.




2017 came with many challenges but looking back I’m inspired by all the things that I did get done versus the things I didn’t get done.  It just means that I have to keep that whiteboard around in 2018 and keep adding to it.

This year, I’m looking forward to pushing myself, completing and increasing visibility for several passion documentary projects – as well as pushing myself professionally as a documentary photographer and writer.

An extremely huge thanks to all of you who’ve supported me. ..  wrote me encouragements.  came to my exhibits.  participated in my projects.  shared my works with your friends and family.  called me to task to speak, lead and volunteer.

See me in 2018!



4 Replies to “… and so that’s how 2017 went.”

  1. ncslpkathy says:

    Wow, Veronique. Thanks for sharing. Miss you.


    Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Niiice!! Great year for sure! Congrats on your great feats! But then again, that is what you do! :)

    Dare K-J


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