“I,too” have a story …

I, too, sing America.

– Langston Hughes

In between fraction lessons  a la orange and apple slices and memorizing the 46 counties of our state in our own singsongy 3rd grade manner – “Abbeville, Aiken, Al – len- dale, Anderson, Bamberg, Barn – well, Beaufort …, ” the first poem I remember learning was “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes.

Now far beyond elementary age and Mrs. Slater’s 3rd grade class, Langston Hughes’ impact on a brown girl like me and our American literature is undeniable.  Hughes writings navigated the complex lives of everyday people skillfully curating their stories – plain and reachable.

When I sat down to think of a name for an on-going documentary project centered on telling the stories of everyday Americans focused on life and aging, I immediately thought of the title of one of Langston Hughes poem, “I, too.”*

I, too” will be an on-going documentary profile project where I will be interviewing, photgraphing and profiling subjects on the topic of aging.

Check out my first profile, still somewhat in draft, also a tribute piece to the “Earth Under Our Feet” Project –>  ‘Ruth.


*side but important note: (and coincidental with topic and name as I started this draft about a week or so ago before reading this):  Please read the recent article on saving Langston Hughes’ Harlem home, an initiative started by the “I, Too Arts Collective” founded for this purpose.  If you can help, please do.  I am not affiliated.  Just a lover of Hughes and a believer that these treasures can not be destroyed.
To donate to the fund, please go to the I, Too, Arts Collective Indigogo page.

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