#StreetCred & Site Shenanigans

OK so what have I’ve been up to since my last complete blog post which seems like light years away now … well, exactly 134 days to be exact!

  •  completely redesigned site which has (photography+writing) focus and documentary projects-based layout.
  • will to continue to use blog as complimentary to site.

You should notice some significant changes from before … still isnt’ where I would love the template to be but, suffices for now!


That’s Site Shenanigans now what is this #StreetCred?  What are you talking about Willis? :-)

#StreetCred is a new photography portfolio that I’ll use to show personal street photography (non-project related).  Check it out here on my brand spanking new site, https://iamtheveronique.com/photo-journeys/streetcred/ .. feel free to look around and stay for awhile.

And of course I have to leave you with a poem!  I couldn’t put this all on #StreetCred page but, this is more of Terrence Hayes poem, “The Golden Shovel.”


“II. 1991

Into the tented city we go, we-
akened by the fire’s ethereal

afterglow. Born lost and cool-
er than heartache. What we

know is what we know. The left
hand severed and school-

ed by cleverness. A plate of we-
ekdays cooking. The hour lurk-

ing in the afterglow. A late-
night chant. Into the city we

go. Close your eyes and strike
a blow. Light can be straight-

ened by its shadow. What we
break is what we hold. A sing-

ular blue note. An outcry sin-
ged exiting the throat. We

push until we thin, thin-
king we won’t creep back again.

While God licks his kin, we
sing until our blood is jazz,

we swing from June to June.
We sweat to keep from we-

eping. Groomed on a die-
t of hunger, we end too soon.”

– Terrence  Hayes

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