The Inevitable ‘But’

“I felt your carefully chosen words fall in fluttered shapes around me”

Check out the full poem here – “The Inevitable But”

OK, it is said that women speak about 3 times per day than men in words averaging around 20,000 words for women and about 7,000 for men.  That is to be argued if I had to base it on the gazillion of hours of meetings and pounds of hot air that I have to endure in a male dominated field each day (e.g. technology)… j/kidding .. well maybe not :-)

In any case, we use a lot of words per day!  When I googled the most used words, the word ‘but’ was in the top 25.  One day, while mentally thumbing through memories of a then recent conversation, I wondered … why do we even need this word.  We should just say exactly what we intend to say or truly mean.  I feel it is sometimes just a make-believe fortress for our excuses and lies.  I started off wanting to challenge myself to write a comedic poem about the word ‘but’ but, (yep just said it … an excuse coming :-)) I ended up only recanting the discussion that jolted this debate about the word ‘but.’    OK funny poem to come soon!  For real.. I promise .. no ifs, ands or buts about it!  Enjoy!

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